Kurilian Bobtail

RUSSIAN submit this wonder of nature, of course the current short-tailed breed of cats from the Kuril Islands, one of the most mysterious and beautiful places in the world. Kurilian bobtail - unique cat and she is so unusual that it is compared with the hare - a long and strong hind legs, with a lynx - a short tail and hunting excitement, the dog - for his devotion to his master.

In our nursery, you can choose a kitten Kurilian Bobtail rare color and excellent quality.

What could be better than these gentle, but already committed kids? Just love the kitten to you!
On our site you will find interesting and useful information about this amazing, but as yet little known breed of cats, on the cultivation, rearing and feeding. We are always happy to share their expertise and help in choosing a kitten!Our cattery is registered in the feline club RosKosh Moscow (registrats. WCF № 10003.50). At our kennel breeders of cats a little bit, a kind of Kuril pride, so they live comfortably. And we know about each everything thoroughly, habits, affections. Constant communication, care and tenderness, and a little pampering our pets makes the socio-adapted and very affectionate. We do not allow the cellular content of their pets and our pets do not have free range on the street. We guarantee the authenticity of the documents and the origin of pure breed our pets.

Here we have a territory of love Kurilian Bobtail ...

Thank you for your visit ...
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