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Conditions of sale

If you decide to purchase a kitten Kuril Bobtail from our kennel, large, please refer to the Treaty on the Transfer of Rights to tribal animal (contract form here).
If you like a kitten, but he has not yet reached the age of 60 days, you can reserve this kitten.
To do this you must:
1. Contract with a "breeder" - at the personal visit.
If you live in another city or country, then the contract will be sent to your email. You need to sign a contract and send it back to the breeder a copy of the contract.
2. A deposit within 3 days from the date of signing the contract.
The pledge is made:
♦ at the personal visit - at the time of signing the contract
♦ for those who live in another city or country - postal or bank transfer.
3. Bail means that the kitten is reserved. Term provision can not be more than 2 months. Upon cancellation of the kitten's security deposit is not refundable.
4. The contract specifies the date until which the "Breeder" shall include in his kitty and if you have not taken the animal in time for reasons beyond the "breeder" reasons, the contract is terminated.
5.Dostavka animal and transport expenses are in agreement "breeder" to "owner" and pay the "owner" in addition. Transportation costs for shipping the animal include - pay veterinary health certificate form number 1 and the container for transport.
6. Our kittens pereezzhat into a new house only after vaccination against viral diseases (age not earlier than 2,5 months) degelmintizirovannymi, accustomed to the tray, kogtetochke and socially adapted.
Each kitten has a required package of documents:
-Vetpasport with marks of the vaccination (according to age) and treatment of internal parasites
-Metric or pre-order at the club pedigree kittens for WCF SHOW BRIDES and quality (what a SHOW, BRIDES, or PET-class animal can be found here)
-Contract for the transfer of rights to tribal animal (contract form can be found here), it is also possible to get a kitten in a "condominium" (details here)
-Memo to content
Filler for the toilet to "smell" (for the early adaptation of the kitten to the new conditions and location of the toilet)
-Food for the first time, to which the kitten was already used

7.Posle how you will take away a kitten, you may, within 10 calendar days from receipt, to verify his health in a licensed veterinary office (at your expense). In the case of veterinary opinion from the state, or a licensed veterinary clinic confirming the illness of a kitten at the time of purchase, "Breeder" agrees to take back the animal and return the donation once the "owner" within 14 calendar days.

We will always help you to consult on any matters concerning the graduate of our kennel. Assist the new owner for the maintenance and education of pet, for pedigree use after reaching reproductive age - Preparation for exhibitions, partner selection, assistance in the sale of kittens and advertising GUARANTEED!

Advance reservations are accepted at the kittens.
- The status of "free" means that the kitten is not currently sold out;
- The status of "provisional reserve" means that at the moment about a kitten being negotiated, and it is temporarily not offered for sale;
- The status of "reserved" means that for this kitten bail
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